Last week comedic actor Will Ferrell, made headlines here in our own CT backyard. To promote his upcoming movie, “Anchorman 2”, Will Ferrell made an appearance as his character, Ron Burgundy, on “The Dan Patrick Show” on NBC Sports Network last week. “The Dan Patrick Show” tapes in Milford, so many local Milford media outlets reported seeing Ron Burgundy out and about. Ron Burgundy also made an appearance on “Sports Center” in ESPN in Bristol. Will Ferrell’s television appearances aren’t limited to our own state however, Ron Burgundy co-anchored a newscast at a local North Dakota news affiliate. There are of course more examples, but I won’t get into them. The reason why I am blogging about Ron Burgundy’s appearances is that there is something that businesses, musicians, and artists can learn from him. Besides, of course why scotchy scotch scotch is the drink of choice or how men can better themselves by growing a mustache, the main lesson to learn is how to make your brand visible. Just as Ron Burgundy is the face of the “Anchorman” franchise, you are the face of your business. Make your presence known in the local community. For example, if you own a business, one great way to make your business more personable is to present yourself, whether it be through social media, press releases, or local television/radio appearances. Another valuable lesson is to reach out to all your publics, even the smaller fish. The publicity team for “Anchorman 2,” could have easily set up an arrangement for Ferrell to co-anchor a local news show in a major market such as New York City or Los Angeles, but instead they chose a smaller market in the heartland of America. Lastly, when generating awareness of your brand, make sure that you utilize any relevant skills. Did you know that in real life Ferrell has his degree in Sports Information, and was an intern at NBC Sports? Who knew that it would prepare him for promoting a movie. What skills have you learned in your past that you can use when generating awareness for your brand? Just a few PR lessons to keep in mind.